Landscaping with Paver Stone

With my parents getting older I like to help them as much as I can. Even though they are still able bodied and can do everything for themselves I always volunteer to do a few projects around the house for them. This year im helping my father landscape the yard at my parents home near Richmond VA. He has a plan to build a patio with a long walkway out to the garage. We were planning on using a landscape supply company to buy the stone pavers from Pete Rose we needed for the project.

Landscape Supplies, Delivered

I was about to go pick up the pavers and other materials we needed until my dad told me Pete Rose, the landscape supply company was going to deliver them for us. This saved us time to get started on the digging process. When we had to do was dig out an area of the patio deep enough to put the manufactured stone pavers down. The hardest part aside from digging in the heat was getting everything level to get the stones set in place just right. The ones we choose were from  Eldorado stone and I could tell it was a good choice, something I rarely admit to my father.

Finished Product

stone patio landscapingAfter a full weekend of toiling in the heat we finally had the patio and walkway completed. Along with the ever expanding garden that was there every year, this time packed with fresh tomatoes and the new privacy fence the yard was nearly complete. That’s when I was informed he also wanted help putting in a small pond in just a months time. I cheerfully agreed knowing how happy it makes my parents to have a landscaped yard.

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Virginia Remodeling Company

‘The best place to live in America…’: Finding a Central Virginia home remodeling company

living room and kitchen remodelingThe ideal remodeling company not only provides home improvements which make for a more enjoyable living space, but can also drastically increase the value of your property. Whatever your motivations, finding just the right home remodeling company for you can depend on several factors.

Your remodeling vision

Whether or not you want to get into the design process yourself, it’s important to remember that remodeling companies know the limits: architects and builders work side by side to ensure that a re-fit is not only beautiful, but is also suitable for daily living.

It’s also worth remembering that some companies may offer special discounts for large-scale remodeling: While initially, you may have had the idea of modeling one room at a time, multiple jobs could, in the long-run, save you thousands.

Finding the right company

Finding a company who can cater to your desires might seem like no easy task. After all, how can you tell if a contractor is any good until the job is done? There are several precautions you can take to ensure you find which Richmond or Charlottesville home remodeling company is right for you.

The company should offer you a list of referrals as well as several examples of previous remodeling work. However, don’t get distracted by flashy images: a single point of contact, a remodeling which fits your budget and reassurance about the building materials and techniques are all signs of a reputable remodeling company who are equally eager to provide you with a long-lasting, durable remodeling job. In this way, you can go some way to find the perfect blend of aesthetics, quality and reliability. One you find a reliable contractor you can hire them to do even more varieties of work. For example, I used the same company to build a home addition and I was equally satisfied with the results of my expanded home with 2 new rooms.

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Benefits of Vinyl Windows

When looking at the outside of your home you notice the main attributes of the home like the color and the material, then you notice the windows. A lot of home owners will spend the time improving their siding, lighting, roofing, and even landscaping before thinking about replacing their windows. Replacement windows are a necessity when it comes to improving the look of a home and the efficiency. There are many different interior window improvements you can make to ensure increase your energy efficiency but not a whole lot you can do to improve the look of your windows, besides replacement.

The integrity of windows last a very long time but when it comes to the efficiency of the window it diminishes over time. Just like any other technology as the years go by newer and more efficiency technology arises. This is why it is very important that you replace your windows when they are starting to show signs of replacement.

I remember when I had to replace my windows for my home in Texas and how difficult it was decide on a style and type of window for my home. Should I purchase wood windows or vinyl? What are the pros and cons of each? What is my budget for this project? These are all questions I had to think about before making my final decision. Luckily for me I found Southwest Door and Window, the best replacement windows Dallas had to offer. They were able to help me answer the questions that I needed answering. There provided the pros and cons of vinyl windows, the best style for my home, and the right budget to spend.

When deciding the budget for my windows I had never thought about the return on investment that I would receive from purchasing new windows. Every month I would end up saving around $50 dollars on heating and cooling costs and over time those savings would basically cover the cost of my new window purchase. I also found out that vinyl windows way less maintenance compared to wood windows because you don’t have to paint, sand, or watch out for insects. I wanted something that would save me money each month, low maintenance, long lasting and vinyl windows were definitely the best choice.

The intangible benefits of new windows are very important factors that you never think about when you weight the options of replacement. My home looks way more appealing with clean and uniform windows. I also have a sense of security knowing that those windows were going to protect my home from the external elements. I would strongly suggest all of our readers to examine the tangible and intangible benefits and then make your final decision.

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Benefits of New Glass

Windows are a fantastic way to accent your home and allow a great amount of natural light throughout the interior of your residence. It is very important that we expose our home to great amounts of natural light because it can heat your home during the winter and it will also provide energy to your family members living inside the home. I noticed that when my home was darker and didn’t have large amounts of natural light my son would be tired and lack energy; but when I had our glass replaced in our Philadelphia home he was more energetic and seemed a lot healthier. A great way to achieve greater light in your home is by purchasing new glass that allows healthy light into your home or by replacing the windows altogether and purchasing new ones.

There are many great window design ideas on the internet and magazines that you can look through to try and get the right idea of the design you want to go with. Not a lot of home owners think that windows are a great home investment but they actually provide a wide variety of benefits both tangible and intangible. By purchasing energy efficient glass you will be able to save hundreds of dollars every year just from stopping the flow of external air into your home.

By purchasing new window glass and frames you will be able to change the overall look of your home. If you are looking for a minor exterior change to your home then purchasing new windows is a great way to go. There are a wide variety of different colors, textures, materials, and designs that you can choose for you home. You will be able to find the unique look that you are looking for in your home and it can increase the value of your home. You will have neighbors walk by your home and say wow that home looks amazing which will increase the pride you take in your home.

The main things you can take away from this article is that new windows can provide a greater amount of natural light for your home increase the energy and health level of family members. It  can also provide tangible and intangible benefits that include energy savings, increased home value, and greater personal value of your residence.

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New Dog, New Messes

Ever since my son was 5 years old he has wanted a dog. I always grew up with dogs but knew how much work they were along with all they joy they brought so I told him you can have on when your 10 and can help take care of it. Little did I know how fast the time would pass and do you think hes forgotten about this promise leading up to his 10th birthday? No way and its all hes been asking for his birthday along with begging to take him to the animal shelters and stores to look at all the differ kinds of dogs up for adoption. our families new black lab puppyTrue to my word when the birthday came around I brought home a medium sized lab mix he had his eyes on from a week earlier when we visited a shelter. I was really glad to be able to save a dog and bring such joy to my sons face but now the work and messes would begin. Honestly, one of the biggest things I was worried about was keeping the yard and my home sanitary. Thankfully I had a plan for this too with DoodyCalls pet waste disposal where they come and pooper scoop your backyard. Most people don’t realize it but when you have a dog you are susceptible to having hundreds of different forms of bacteria being tracked into your home. Most of this comes from dog feces. That’s why any dog owner should always make sure to scoop the poop as soon as possible. I was able to work out a deal where they could come just once a month and pick up anything my son left behind as hes still getting used to the routine of cleaning after a puppy.

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Buy Replacement Windows To Save On Heating Costs

newly installed renewal window by the andersen window companyIn the coldest months of the year, your heating bill can rise to astronomical heights. You need to save money where you can so that your furnace doesn’t drain your budget. Leaky windows can lose large amounts of heat in the winter and this can translate to hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Don’t let your money fall through the cracks! Look at replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen Now to save on heating costs. The warmer your house is, the happier you’ll be. If you need more incentive, here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your windows.

  • You can take advantage of free energy from the sun. Passive solar energy is a big component in the building of new, energy efficient homes. Windows are designed to capture sunlight and heat during the day, and at night, they hold the heat in. Taking advantage of this resource is completely free and will save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bill during the winter. That’s money that you can spend on something else you need.
  • They will pay for themselves over time. Energy efficient windows are more expensive but you should try buying the most efficient windows you can afford. You’ll save money in the long run on energy bills. Plus, you’ll add value to your home and it’ll be more attractive to a potential homebuyer. Not many people are going to buy a house that loses large amounts of heat during the winter. If you’re looking for a good investment, this is one you should make.

With the money you can save on heating costs, you can improve your home even more. Or you can take that vacation you’ve always wanted. Either way, you should get replacement windows to save on heating costs. You’ll stay warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Stop throwing your hard earned money out the window! Invest in your energy savings today.

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Wood vs Metal Fences

So you have decided to build a fence for your home, but there are several questions that still need to be answered. One of the first steps is typically deciding what material to have the fence built out of. The two most common fencing materials are metal and different varieties of wood.

So how do you decide which one is better for your needs? There are a few questions you should ask yourself about before you go here and hire the fence builder to come do the job. Consider how you will be using the fence and why you built it in the first place that should help to solve this problem.

metal, chain link fenceFirst, is privacy a big issue for you? If so, then wood might be the better option because they typically take up more surface area, and can more affordably be made as a solid wall so outsiders cannot see through them. If your priority is simply to keep the dog in the backyard, either might be a good option, both shorter wooden fences and chain link are affordable options for this.

One thing to keep in mind is which style goes best with your home and the houses around your neighborhood. If all the homes around your have wrought iron fences then it might be best to go with this option.

wooden privacy fenceDurability is another common concern people have with comparing wood and metal fences. While metal is typically more durable, there may be rust issues down the road and it comes at a higher upfront cost. Treated wood will last longer than natural wood so it’s important to protect your wooden fence.The most important thing is to find a fencing option that will go well with your home and suit your needs well. Decide upfront if you prefer value, safety, privacy or aesthetics and plan accordingly.

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Maintenance for a Busy Home

When you run a busy household it’s important to keep organized and have everything you rely on in peak working condition. Being prepared for the next day by doing laundry or cooking in advance or putting the dishes away after they have been washed are all things you can do to make your life at home a little bit easier. But there are some things you cannot control that can put a damper on the way you run your household. A broken appliance for example can be a major hindrance especially if it’s a refrigerator or oven.

Appliance Repair Service Comes in Handy

So what happens when you can’t keep food cool or cook any of the meals you were planning to prepare for the week? That’s where Mr. Appliance of Conroe comes in to save the day. While this industry may not be one you have heard much of before, there is probably more than one appliance parts and repair business in your area.

happy the appliances in my kitchen are fixedI found out about this industry not too long ago when my sears bought Frigidaire refrigerator broke, forcing my family to have to eat out for a while week. While the kids might have enjoyed it for the whole week, it was getting overly expensive and it was hard to find healthy foods when you go out to eat. Thankfully before the end of the week I thought to look up a repair service. They were able to come out and install a relatively simple part that had my refrigerator working better than ever. Also be sure to check out my recommendation for fixing plumbing problems from my post earlier this week.

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Hiding Your Air Conditioner

There is nothing that ruins the aesthetic look of the exterior look of your home like an air conditioning unit. While these devices are an eye sore they are very much needed during the blazing heat of summer time. If your system is already installed there isn’t much you can do to deter the image of it on the side of your home other than concealing it. I have come up with a few strategies that you can use to help hide the device from site but if you are about to install a new air conditioning unit then I would strongly recommend visiting Aire Serv of Las Vegas’ website at to find installation specialists. They will be able to assist you with hiding your installation from view and help improve the exterior look of your home. But sometimes we are not lucky enough to be installing a new system and have to live with what we have. Lucky for you I have come up with a few strategies to help you hide the bulky piece of equipment.


By planting a flower bed or even shrubs around the air conditioning unit you will be able to hide the fan from view. Unless if you purchase the shrubbery at a certain height then you may have to wait a couple years until it grows tall enough to block its site. It is very important that you don’t plant the greenery too close to the air conditioning unit because it could cause your unit to run inefficiently. The downside to this strategy is that during the winter time when the plants die you will be able to see the system sitting there.

Obstruct the View

Building a tiny fence around the unit will help hide it from view and also protect it from flying debris.  You could also use a combination of this strategy and the one listed above which would give your home a greatly improved look. This is the most common practice among home owners and you wouldn’t be doing anything super extreme by doing this with your home air conditioning unit.

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Preventing Plumbing Damage from Root Systems

While lawn vegetation is great for the look of your home and great for the soil around your home it could also end up damaging your plumbing. Not a lot of people think about his issue when growing trees and planting shrubs around their residence. This can actually cause a lot of problems for your home that include improper water flow in your home and lawn flooding. Over the life time of a shrub or tree the root system expands as it tries to absorb more moisture from the ground and can actually grow into your pipes. This will end up causing a rupture of the pipe and water will seep out into the ground causing your lawn to flood.

This issue can cause a lot of problems for your home, including the damage done to your yard and the increased amount of money spent on water that you are not using. The cause of the flooding in your lawn comes from the ruptured pipe that can’t turn itself off and will continue you to pump out water. This will cause your soil to become saturated and could lead to muddy yards and your lawn greenery to die.

This can be easily avoided by knowing where your water lines run through your yard and making sure that you don’t plant trees or shrubs on top of those water lines. If you are already experiencing any of the issues listed above then you should begin your search for a plumber. If you need assistance locating a plumber then I would use the follow search term for locating a plumber “find a plumber in Fresno CA.” Make sure that you include your city and state that you are located in so that your online search engine can find a plumber that services your area.

If you live in Fresno and use the previous mentioned search term you will find a great plumber called Mr. Rooter. They provide expert plumbers and even tree root removal services. Finding a plumbing that has dealt with these types of issues prior to servicing your home is key. If this project is done improperly than you could end up damaging your pipes even worse than before.

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